A competitive edge for investors and traders in weather related industries.
ForecastWatch results are incisive...it’s a great service and it’s indispensable in our business.
Dr. Bruce Rose,
Principal Scientist and Vice President,
The Weather Channel
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  • Gain an edge by understanding forecast uncertainty
  • uncertainty ForecastWatch works with the top weather forecasting companies to verify and calculate the accuracy of their forecasts. We know the factors that affect weather forecast accuracy, and we know when forecasts can be relied on, and when they shouldn't. Don't just look at the weather forecast when making your trading and investing decisions, know how much uncertainty is reflected in the forecast so you can make better decisions.
  • Test your models with historical forecasts and observations
  • models Much of the economy is driven by weather. Consumers make decisions based on weather forecasts. With ForecastWatch's historical record of weather forecasts and observations, you can test your revenue, attendance, and commodity pricing models based on the highest quality forecasts and observations. We can even help you develop your models using our data.
  • Evaluate providers on your criteria
  • evaluate Because ForecastWatch tracks forecasts for over eight hundred U.S. and international cities, we can pinpoint where forecasts hit and where they miss. Some forecasters may have a weaker coastal model than others, while others may do better in the Midwest. Regardless of your needs, ForecastWatch can tailor an evaluation that will help you to select the weather forecast provider that meets your needs.
  • Monitor the accuracy of your provider
  • monitor It has been mentioned that a one-degree improvement in the accuracy of weather forecasts could save at least one billion dollars annually in United States electric costs. There are differences in weather forecasts from different weather forecasters and weather forecast companies. Choosing the right weather forecast provider can save you money. ForecastWatch can help.
  • Valuable feedback for your meteorologists
  • analyze ForecastWatch analyzes accuracy changes over time and provides custom reports and data drill-downs so you know if your forecasts are improving. With model or process changes, data is compared to forecasters who have not made changes to determine if your forecasts are improving.