ForecastWatch results are’s a great service and it’s indispensable in our business.
Dr. Bruce Rose,
Principal Scientist and Vice President,
The Weather Channel
weather channel

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  • Receives your forecasts from any source automatically
  • analyze With ForecastWatch, it is easy to receive forecasts from your website, a CSV feed, XML, RSS, or any other format. We can collect forecasts from any public or private feed and from HTTP, FTP, SFTP, SOAP or it can be pushed to us as a forecast feed.
  • Alerts you to forecast quality issues
  • uncertainty When a forecast is collected, it is checked against pre-set, custom thresholds and if there is a problem, you are immediately notified by e-mail to make corrections and to promote continued improvement of your forecasts over time.
  • Monitors your forecast accuracy
  • evaluate ForecastWatch calculates forecast accuracy against certified, quality-controlled observations from the National Climatic Data Center in the United States, and Environment Canada in Canada. These are first-order observation networks which provide the highest-quality observation data to compare your forecasts with.
  • Benchmarks your forecasts with publicly available forecasts
  • monitor ForecastWatch is proud to be the only information provider that monitors the accuracy of your forecast against the National Weather Service and other public providers. You can measure the success of process improvements with an unchanged standard rather than your own historical measurements.
  • Provides valuable feedback to you and your staff
  • analyze ForecastWatch analyzes accuracy changes over time and provides custom reports and data drill-downs so you know if your forecasts are improving. With model or process changes, data is compared to forecasters who have not made changes to determine if your forecasts are improving.
  • Educates your customers with unbiased reports
  • models With ForecastWatch, you have data summarized in layman’s terms to help your clients understand the work that you do every day. They begin to see forecasting limitations and appreciate the your desire to constantly improve your forecasts. The information sharing also helps build trust and rapport with you and your clients.